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Best of 2016

Last year at this time I was super nervous. I had just said goodbye to my stable marketing job and embarked on my first year of full time photography. I also just had a baby so there was a little extra pressure. But I have to say, if I had known what an amazing year I was about to have, I would never have thought twice about it! 

I have been so blessed to capture so many special moments for everyone this year. This blog post is about the weddings only, but I did over 142 sessions in the entire year! That's a lot of smiles, clicks, and stories to tell.  Of those, 32 were weddings, and 5 were associate weddings, which I just launched and found to be very successful for everyone involved. 

Having a large quantity of clients is great and all, but it's the quality that counts.  The clients I ended up working with were the best. Seriously the sweetest most in-love people. They believe in my brand and really gushed about the end product. This is so amazing to me, and it feeds my soul and inspires me to grow and do more with my art. 

Cheers to the new year, may it be more amazing than the last (although I can't imagine how). <3

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