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Hi! I am Marivel

I'm a Washington native, UW graduate, mom of two and obsessed with photography - I have been for over 10 years. 


Why hire me?

My couples have told me over and over that they love how I am able to make them comfortable in front of the camera to just be themselves, as well as guide them to make amazing magazine worthy photos! Just read my reviews.


After shooting 150+ weddings, my favorite thing about weddings is capturing all of those moments that even you miss (dad drying a quick tear) as well as framing your wedding to look like the event of the year (which it is! for everyone who matters to you!).

I loved my wedding, so I totally get it- It's amazing having all your favorite people under one roof and I'm here to make sure you get a photo of ALL OF IT, so you don't have to ask "did you get that?". I believe every couple should get the beautiful wedding photos they dream of, so while this is my full time job that feeds my kids, I do try to work with budgets when I can. Reach out!



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