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Best of 2018

It's that time of year again! When I go through all the amazing moments I was honored to capture this year and pick out my favorites. It's SO hard! I am lucky enough that I get to choose my clients and so when it comes to showing off some of their amazing moments during their wedding and engagement sessions, it's extra difficult to narrow down.

I have been so blessed to capture so many special moments for everyone this year. This blog post is about the engagements and weddings only, but I did 195 session total this year! See my top family photos of 2018 here. That's a lot of smiles, clicks, and stories to tell.  

This is my THIRD year as a full time photographer (about 11th doing professional photography), and every morning I am so happy at what I get to do. This year I got to travel a lot too, which was so much fun! I went to Las Vegas, Arizona, Lincoln NE, NYC, Arizona (all over), and Oregon. I have splashed those shoots in below as well. 

Cheers to being alive another year and having the chance to create memories with those you love.

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