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Lake Cushman- Moody  PNW Engagement Session

Sometimes when I look outside of my window and I see the slow drizzle of the Seattle rain, I think that I want to move somewhere sunny. Somewhere like Los Angeles or Phoenix..  but then I have sessions like this and it makes me want to stay here forever! The beauty that surrounds the PNW is unlike anywhere else, and the cloudy days bring out colors so beautifully like in this engagement session with Rose and Alex! It was my first time going to Lake Cushman and we explored it together, and it was so much fun! After the session was over we were  driving out and I made a comment about how I really wish we could have gone down to the water- that's when the bride to be pointed out an access point and we stopped and they went into the cold lake for the amazing sunset photos- I think we can all agree it was worth it! 

Omgosh!!! This is amazing and you're amazing!


Love notes from the couple

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