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Classy Wedding, with a view

Chris and Katie met when Chris moved in to his new home, right next to Katie. Katie brought over some cookies as a welcome (people still do that? That's awesome!). Chris asked her out, nervously, and she said yes! So they dated.  And dated, and dated. 8 years later, Chris popped the question, and of course, Katie said yes.  Their day was beautiful, filled with kindness and patience. They got married at the Environmental sciences Building, which had the most gorgeous view. We also went down by the water for some more fun.  So in love, these two are now happily married and raising two gorgeous dogs together. 

Marivel was wonderful to work with and gave us absolutely beautiful photos! She provided great direction to a couple of newbies in front of the camera and was a lot of fun! We got our photos back very fast and LOVE them! Thanks Marivel!  - Katie and Chris

Love notes from the couple

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