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Planning for Awesome Getting Ready Photos!

Want to make sure you are getting the most stunning getting ready photos? I have some tips!

You don't need the fanciest hotel!

Weddings are expensive and if you are add in fancy hotel costs for the perfect getting ready room, that stuff can add up! The truth is you don't need a fancy hotel room. All you need is a simply clutter free room with GOOD LIGHT. Yes , light is the biggest thing that matters! The bigger the window the better! So ask a friend if you can use their cute chic living room, or rent a cheap airbnb with a big window, or a cheap hotel, just check the room photos for good large windows.

And keeping that area clear of items is a must- have your bridesmaids put all their stuff in one of the bedrooms or in the closet or even the bathroom so that we don't have to worry about that later.

Have your bridesmaids get ready first

If you want to do photos in robes or other matching outfits, that's totally great! However as soon as those are done have the bridesmaids change so that they can look their best when helping you get dressed. This makes such a big difference in your getting ready photos. And the same goes for mom or dad if they will be present. So plan your timeline accordingly.

Write a letter to each other

Whether you are a mushy person or not, your emotions will be high on your wedding day. It's a big deal to commit to love someone forever! And it can be easy to want to feel close to the person you love during that time- however since you cannot see them quite yet during the getting ready, it's a great idea to send a note to each other to let each other know how excited you are to share the rest of your lives together. It makes for some good emotional photos too, but most of all, it's a rare chance to write a love letter to each other these days. And you can keep it and look at it anytime you want.

Have your details there with you

Getting ready is a great time for me to photograph all your little details- your vows, your invitation suite you worked so hard on, and your rings (yes keep his ring with you for this part too). That way I can get a beautiful photo to showcase all the styling and thought you put into your big day! Oh, and your bouquet too!

Involve your family!

Have a task for your sisters/ mothers/ family to help with during the getting ready. And tell them what it is. Knowing this ahead of time makes it harder to forget on the actual day, as sometimes wedding mornings can get quite hectic! And as I mentioned before, having them dressed and ready so they look the best is always nice.

There you have it!

Just to recap, here are the top tips to getting great "Getting Ready" photos

  • Lots of window light- clutter free room

  • Have all the details with you

  • Have family and friends dressed first

  • Involve your family with pre-thought out tasks

Do you have any tips I missed?

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