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Winter Engagement in the Snowy Mountains

Shannon and Karl are the cutest couple! Shannon is from Florida, and she is currently living across the state in Pullman, yet they make it work and Karl recently proposed! Shannon came over to Seattle to visit Carl and they decided to do an engagement session! Having never done a session before, they had a lot of questions as to what to wear- which I was very happy to help with. I love styling sessions and making them look straight out of a magazine! And honestly their genuine affection for each other made that very easy. 
The dreamy winter snow-filled mountains at Gold Creek Pond made the perfect backdrop. This location is AMAZING guys! If you have never been, it is worth the trip any time of the year. In the winter months the road to it does close, making it a mile long hike. Still worth it! We had a lot of fun on the cloudy/sunny winter day. Were we cold? Not really! We were too busy moving and having fun, how I always like to run my sessions. <3 Enjoy the beautiful tones!

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