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How I Edit Photos

I thought it would be a good idea to share a little about my post processing of photos. This blog specifically will show wedding examples but can apply to most of my work.

When I take a photo, I am looking to have it as correct as possible in camera. However weddings are moving targets, meaning the light changes all day many times, and since it's such a quick pace environment it's easy to run out of time to get that perfect photo. So I will show examples of both when I had time to change my settings to get that perfect before shot, as well as when I just got the shot because it was more important to not have it because I was trying to be perfect.

Before- very warm lighting inside



Before: flat cloudy lighting



Hazy dull in camera photo

Edited photo - More color and contrast and such

For the sake of realness I didn't straighten it 🙈

A straighter punchy dramatic edit for all the feels

In camera (I used a tilt shift lens to create that flash flare effect)

After: I purposely underlit this photo so that I can bring up the shadows and keep the drama.


Before- Sun was just about to drop



Unedited first dance photo, in a very warm colored venue

Okay so this one I did more than the standard edit- I did a creative edit. I felt inspired and played with the image to give it a special kind of artistic touch

I hope that was helpful!

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